Vespa´s Stammbaum

Abesh Unlimited Firedancer Carramazza Age of Kings of Abesh Adcinlo Redmond O'Rorke Belujondra Jumangi
Kittycoonz Honeysuckle Rose
Carramazza Rubytuesday Keoka Veet Voojagig
Yingmo Gladenza Ruby
Alsciaukat C'Juno  Thunderpaws Attilla Vanilla of Alsciaukat Four Paws Ving Rains
Four Paws Frilly
Le Beau Minu Over the Ocean of Alsciaukat Fogcity Rollin Thunder
of Le Beau Minu
Le Beau Minu Polly Danderfluff
Whatatrill Violet
of Cankcats
RW SGC CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand  IW SGC CascadeMtn McKenzie RW SGC Coondalay Macallan of Pinecoon
Woodpile Calypso of CascadeMtn
Broadsway Savannah of CascadeMtn IW SGC
Broadsway Redding
Dracoonfly Devereaux
of Broadsway
CH Tabbypatch Penny Lane of Whatatrill RW GC Tabbypatch City Slicker BW NW GC Noogats Renault Blanc
GC Tabbypatch Ariona Azul
CH Coonhusker Silver Dazzle CH Mainesail Argento
of Coonhusker
CH Coonhusker Deja Blu